Virama Schmitten, PT, OCS, CLT

Specialty: Orthopedic Physical Therapy


Expertise: Pre-op and post-op rehabilitation programs


Education and Certifications: Bachelor of Physical Therapy; Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist (OCS), Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) – Foeldi

In her own words:

What I find so attractive about physical therapy is that you work with the whole person and you have to engage physically and mentally to get your patients to like what they are doing


Virama Schmitten  has been providing physical therapy services to Skagit County residents since 1995. With a background in nursing and massage therapy, Schmitten graduated from Eastern Washington University, and is now board certified as an orthopedic specialist and lymphedema therapist.

Besides using massage and mobilization to reduce pain and stiffness, Schmitten focuses her therapeutic exercises on teaching how to use correct body mechanics to prevent damage to muscles and joints when performing daily chores or work tasks.

With a background in body building, working physically demanding jobs and now spending her free time gardening,  Schmitten says, “ How you use your body makes the difference between getting injured and staying pain free. I can relate to people suffering from overuse injuries from my own experience.”

Schmitten started practicing with SIO in 2004.

“I appreciate the close connection the physical therapy department has with the physicians and medical staff. It enables us to optimize a plan of care for each patient, depending on individual needs. ”

Schmitten sees the average physical therapy patient typically about twice a week, for 30 to 45 minutes at a time. The frequency of visits and one-on-one coaching can help cultivate a collaborative partnership between her and patients, she says, noting that a successful outcome depends much on the enthusiasm and willingness of each patient to invest time and effort.

“Physical therapy can be hard work, but the benefits are great,” she says. “A patient who works diligently on PT has a much better chance of recovery and a healthier future.”

She credits the strong support of her parents with helping her become a physical therapist, especially her mother, a nurse.