Daniel Hanesworth, MD

Dr. Richard Hanesworth, M.D., orthopedic surgeon

Specialty: Orthopedic surgery for hips and lower extremities, sports medicine

Expertise: Joint reconstruction and arthroscopic surgery (minimally invasive operations using a small, flexible scope

Education and Certifications:

  • M.D., University of Washington
  • Internship and residency at the University of Kansas Medical Center
  • Board certified by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Distinctions: Dr. Hanesworth is one of the Pacific Northwest's experts on sports injuries, partial and total knee replacement, and bone fractures.

In his own words:

I feel that I have a good connection with my patients because they often remark that they feel like they can trust me and feel comfortable asking me questions. They’re right on both counts.


Years ago, as a medical student nearing graduation, Dr. Daniel Hanesworth was drawn to orthopedic medicine after discovering that some of the tools needed to fix arm, hands, legs and foot injuries were little different than those needed to build a house or fix a car.

He remembers watching as an orthopedic surgeon asked a surgical nurse for a pair of vice grips.

“I thought ‘Wow, these seem like regular tools,'” he recalls.  “She handed him a pair of Vise-Grips just like you would have in your garage, although obviously sterile."

The experience contributed to his eventually becoming a self-professed “knee and sports guy.”

“I always liked the hands-on approach in the operating room," he says. "Surgeries are essentially like constructing things – you use saws and screwdrivers like a carpenter building things.”

But instead of constructing a house, the goal of his work today is getting people back to walking and functioning normally as quickly as possible.

Dr. Hanesworth, who is board certified in general orthopedics and orthopedic sports medicine, specializes in joint reconstruction and arthroscopic surgery, with emphasis on partial and total knee replacement, broken bones and sports injuries.

After more than a decade's experience as a surgeon, his skills have advanced well beyond Vise-Grips to using some of the most sophisticated orthopedic tools and technology available.

For example, Dr. Hanesworth has expertise in knee reconstruction using advanced three-dimensional imaging called patient-specific instrumentation, or PSI, which helps to ensure the best post-operative recovery.

“It’s like using computer navigation in surgery,” he says. “You end up with a 3-D model of the knee that you can spin around on the computer screen to see if there’s anything unusual.”

At home, Dr. Hanesworth applies some of the same technical approach in his hobby of cooking.

“I won’t go so far as saying I’m a great cook, but I have a great interest in cooking,” he says.  “My newest cooking technique that I’m experimenting with is called sous vide, a French technique. It is really just a temperature-controlled water bath like you would have in a laboratory.”

A 1987 graduate of Harvey Mudd College, he attended medical school at the University of Washington, and then served a residency at the University of Kansas Medical Center.


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