Carlos Aguero, OPA

In his own words:

The thing about orthopedics is that you have four extremities so you usually don’t just have one thing done in your life. I find myself putting casts on people and now I’m taking care of their children and their grandchildren.

Specialty: Orthopedic Physician Assistant

Expertise: Helping patients determine whether injection therapies are a better alternative than surgery for alleviating pain and other symptoms

Education and Certifications:

  • AA, Highline Community College
  • AS, Highline Community College
  • Orthopedic Physician assistant Program HCC.
  • Certified Orthopedic Physician Assistant by American Academy of Physician Assistants

Distinctions: Aguero, who is the only registered orthopedic physician assistant in the state of Washington, has traveled to Asia with Orthopedics Overseas to help survivors of war in Pakistan and Afghanistan.


Orthopedic physician assistant Carlos Aguero thinks orthopedic surgery may have saved his life – literally.  A life-long athlete, Aguero was no stranger to orthopedic injuries, but it was a chance elbow fracture right after high school that kept Aguero out of the Vietnam War.

These days, Aguero spends a lot of his time helping patients determine whether they should have surgery to address orthopedic problems or whether injection therapies, a temporary fix for orthopedic discomfort, are a better remedy for immediate pain management. These injections can relieve pain and allow patients to put off surgery, sometimes for years, until they are ready.

“Viscosupplementation is an injection procedure that we do on these types of patients,” he says. “It doesn’t solve the problem immediately, and it doesn’t prevent the inevitable. But it can sometimes postpone surgery long enough for the patient to plan and better prepare for surgery.”

An avid fisherman, Aguero can be found trolling the Pacific for fresh seafood.  “I love to fish, and I love to crab. I love to catch halibut and salmon, and I love to shrimp as well. I own a boat with three other people, and we fish a lot from Deception Pass out into the sound,” he says.

Some people think it unusual that a man who spends weekends captaining a fishing boat and wrestling with crab traps also enjoys the simplicity and quietness of his other hobby.

“Probably the only thing I do that nobody knows is that I needlepoint. I’ve made Christmas stockings for my wife and my daughter and my boys.”

In yet another personal pursuit, Aguero has traveled to Asia with Orthopedics Overseas to help survivors of war, spending time in Pakistan and Afghanistan caring for refugees.

“These were people who were just stepping on land mines all over the country, and a lot of them were children," he says. "They would pick up a toy that was a mine disguised as a toy. It was heartbreaking to see so many senseless casualties among innocent civilians.”